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HMRC VAT Payments: check previously made payments

As a UK business owner, gaining a thorough understanding of your HMRC VAT payments is vital, especially if your business has previously made VAT payments. Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax imposed on sales, and if your business is VAT-registered, it is essential to accurately charge VAT on your sales and promptly remit it to HMRC. Use our Excel Bridging tool to file your VAT returns.

Guide for Businesses Users

Bridge It MTD software can retrieve VAT payments. The website returns payments that have been used to offset liabilities whose To date falls in the requested date range (of up to 366 days).
The result includes the amount allocated to a liability and, when available, the date it was received.

For more information, read the VAT Guidance on HMRC's website.

To make a payment, please visit Pay your VAT bill.